6315 Storkson Drive, unit 103
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Quality nail and skin care, without leaving the Island!                 

Services - pedicure manicure wedding parties nail enhancements policies


Pedicure — Your poor abused feet need to be pampered and cared for.

Manicure — Everyone needs nice looking hands, even those of you who are rough on your hands!

Nail Enhancements — We offer acrylic nails, nicely polished, buffed, or pink and whites. We no longer offer gel nails.

Policies — Everyone has rules, even island girls.

Combo Specials:
Book a mani or a fill with a pedi and we’ll take $5 off!
"It's been 5 days since my pedicure at Island Girl Nails from the fabulous Vicki and each day, several times a day I look down and see a bright happy color, toes that look better than what is above them, and smile - it's a lovely luxury I will not live without and not just for the 4 + weeks the polish and coiffed feet stay perfect, but the pampered princess treatment I receive each and every time I visit - it's just one thing I will not live without! Thank you Vicki, there is just no substitute and we are so lucky to have you on Whidbey!"
— Suzanne Healy, ArtisanCrafted.com - Formerly Functional Art Gallery
At my most recent spa mani/pedi I chose the "keratin gloves and socks". Very nice and did help my problem fingernails which had been splitting lately!
— Kimberly, Devoted Island Girl


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